Trading Signals

What are Trading signals?

The traders around the world use the trading signals as a support tool for making decisions, especially in the field of forex. Signals are among the most useful tools a trader has at his disposal. 

Regardless of whether they are paid or free, the signals must include a stop loss and a take profit.

Also consider testing yourself with a demo account before purchasing a subscription to a trading signal system, so as not to waste money unnecessarily. By registering at you can find the signals provided by, you can access an advanced and professional signal service for free, with sound or email notifications and a complete trading course. These are just some of the amazing extras available to Premium users of trading signals.

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The daily routine begins by receiving trading signals directly to your email or mobile phone via SMS. 

This system improves your ability to monitor your operations and make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities in the markets. Trading signal systems have become very popular with traders, but we recommend that you check their reliability before investing real money. As already noted, using a trial demo account is a great way to test them without consequences. Also note that trading signal systems do not support all time frames. Scalping is a technique, for example, that will not work with trading signals, because it is too fast for signals, which are instead set on a longer horizon.

So how do trading signals really work?

Our trading signals are based on the joint use of fundamental and technical analysis, thus combining historical price trends with the latest news and fundamentals from the forex market. The reference horizon can be both intraday and multi-day.

In the market there are also signals that are based on automatic models and the great advantage of models is that they exclude the negative effects of human psychology, which could influence the judgment of an analyst and push him to make non-rational decisions. On the contrary, the loss of human judgment is detrimental to a more complete evaluation of the moment of the market.

The trading signal system

It is based on the evaluations of our analysts, who directly enter their positions in the system and transform them into buy or sell signals. At we mainly use a few technical indicators, closely followed by our experts, combined with fundamental market and trend analysis. The technical indicators preferred by our analysts are: the price zones where there are support and resistance levels, the FIbonacci retracements, the Bollinger Bands, the moving averages and some oscillators.

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The most traded currency pairs in the forex market are EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CHF and USD / JPY. Trading signal systems are not perfect and none are 100% accurate.

 Use signals as a tool to improve your trading system, but do not rely solely on them as they represent only part of the tools available to a profitable trader.

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