AvaTrade review

Avatrade reviews
Avatrade Review

In this AvaTrade review   , we will examine the services offered by this broker, much appreciated for its professional and helpful customer service in Italian.

We will discover their platforms, including their new webtrader, MetaTrader 4 and MT5, which can be used for free, with the simple free registration at AvaTrade.

Today you can try AvaTrade with a  free demo account without depositing  .

What is AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is an active CFD and Forex broker since 2006. Its team is made up of professionals from the financial sector in collaboration with experts in web trading, who aim to offer their clients a professional trading platform where even non-professionals have the opportunity to take advantage of your free time.

Used by professionals and amateurs alike, AvaTrade today has more than  20,000 clients around the world  . The trading volume on its platforms is around $ 60 billion per month.

Being a multinational, it has offices around the world, including  Milan  , Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, and Dublin. It has its administrative office in Dublin.

What does AvaTrade offer?

AvaTrade allows you to trade CFDs on a select range of financial instruments including stocks, indices, currency pairs, and commodities. In addition to the gradual, pleasant and professional trading experience, it offers several advantages such as:

  • Educational webinars on trade
  • Online courses
  • Video tutorial
  • Free eBook
  • Senior accounting analyst
  • Margin protection plan
  • Free withdrawals (5 days, 24 hours for Ava Select accounts)
  • Market news in real time

These benefits are the foundation, but if you choose to sign up for Ava’s special programs, you can get some really great ones, like:

  • Latest news on mobile
  • Autochartist Market Analysis
  • Autochartist daily signals
  • Direct access to the operating room
  • Flexible trading conditions
  • Special Awards
  • Withdrawals in 24 hours

As you can see, it is difficult not to be attracted by these conditions, which AvaTrade offers with the aim of highlighting its qualities and professionalism in the sector.

In short, the opinion one has is that with Ava you are in good hands. We recommend trying their free demo to get a personal idea of ​​it.

Is AvaTrade reliable?

AvaTrade is reliable  . This response is not simply due to the fact that we have tried it and we liked it, but it is an objective fact given by the security of the funds, by the regulation, by the awards, by the international implementation, by the status of recognized broker.

AvaTrade is  authorized by Consob  and has separate accounts, ensuring European clients that their funds are 100% protected. AvaTrade does not have access to the client’s money and is the only Forex / CFD broker that offers such protection. Other brokers, on the other hand, have segregated accounts.

With AvaTrade:

  • Client money is separated from AvaTrade assets
  • The money is held at Danske Bank, a top-tier European bank.
  • The broker cannot access the money he is trading with, never
  • Danske Banke is the only bank with the authority to transfer the money.
  • Withdrawals are safe, simple and fast
  • Your money will be protected even in the event of bankruptcy

AVA Trade EU Ltd is licensed and regulated in the European Union (EU). It was incorporated in Ireland and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland or the Central Bank of Ireland. In accordance with the European MiFID directive, it is  authorized by Consob to also operate in Italy  .

AvaTrade trading platforms

Ava offers  4 trading platforms  : their new (easy to use) webtrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and AvaTradeGO. We briefly introduce them below.

The  WebTrader  of AvaTrade is a platform used by the browser, so does not require any download or installation. To access it, simply log in with the access details you established when registering your account. WebTrader is the most user-friendly platform among the desktop platforms presented by AvaTrade.

MetaTrader 4  is the world’s most popular trading platform, highly professional, with numerous features available. Ava lets you use it for free, connecting to your server to upload data when it starts.

The MT4 platform offered by AVA

MetaTrader 5  is the next version of MetaTrader 5, with implementations for technical analysis.

Finally,  AvaTradeGO  is the new innovative and easy-to-use application, which allows you to trade online from your smartphone, wherever you are. The AvaTradeGO trading app is nice as it is fluid and clear.

Negotiable instruments

AvaTrade offers the opportunity to trade on different instruments such as:

  • Forex  – These are the currency exchanges or currency pairs that the user can play up or down in EUR / USD and many other exchanges
  • Raw materials  or commodities: oil, gold, gas, aluminum, etc.
  • Indices  : all major stock indices, including Italian FTSE Mib, German Dax30, French CAC40, American NASDAQ, Dow Jones, Russell, S & P500
  • Equities  : Numerous international stocks including a select range of Italian stocks
  • ETFs  – Most Popular Exchange Traded Fund Type Mutual Funds
  • Bonds  or bonds: Eurobonds, US bonds, Japanese bonds
  • Forex  options: options in the currency market

In light of our trading experience with the AvaTrader platform, we have seen that the Italian stocks available are limited. However, AvaTrade’s offering is excellent on the Forex, ETF, Commodity, and Bond side.

Customer Support

The  attention to the customer  is one of the most valuable elements of AvaTrade. The highly qualified, helpful and friendly staff is truly a flagship of this company, which in fact places great importance on contact with customers. A factor that we certainly appreciate.

Payment conditions

For deposits and withdrawals, AvaTrade allows you to use a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards, online tools, and the ability to make a bank transfer.

Thank you for your interest and we invite you to try the free demo.

AvaTrade reviews

The  general opinion on AvaTrade  is certainly positive. First of all, because its level of client protection is very high: European regulation, account segregation, professional customer service in Italian,  training of traders with live and online lessons  .

Few brokers in Italy organize  continuous, free webinars  for their subscribers, just as few are those who meet their audience (and potential clients) in cities, with live seminars.

AvaTrade is primarily focused on contacting its members, as satisfied customers are the best possible evaluation.

Also, a special note should be made for platforms. The  new web trader  , launched in 2020, another world than the previous one, shows that  AvaTrade wants to keep up, renew, improve  .

As we have seen, the webtrader also has access to  MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5  , which are the most popular and widely used professional trading platforms in the world. To close, a  very nice and functional trading application  , to take your trading portfolio and opportunities wherever you go.

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